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37HP Diesel hydrau unitas pack
37HP Diesel hydrau unitas pack
37HP Diesel hydrau unitas pack
37HP Diesel hydrau unitas pack
37HP Diesel hydrau unitas pack

37HP Diesel hydrau unitas pack

Name: 37 HP dual flow diesel hydraulic power unit

Usus principalis: Ad instrumenta olei hydraulica suppeditanda, pleraque instrumenta chirurgica hydraulica repellere possunt.

Hydraulic Capacity: 2*45 lpm /12gpm, 1* 90lpm / 24 gpm (joint flow) , Pressure: 250bar (3620psi)


  • Manubrium plicas et rotas amovibiles;

  • With advanced air cooling system;

  • Electric Startl;

  • 37 HP Diesel engine with large oil reservoir

  • Dual flow  2x40,45 lpm,

  • low  20lpm, 30lpm, 40lpm, 45lpm and 1x90lpm (Joint Flow)

Hydraulic Power Unit WP37-90Twin is a heavy-duty self-propelled diesel power pack, which can provide sufficient power to hydraulic tools which can fulfill the toughest job such as 15” cut-off saws, 22” concrete chainsaws, heavy breakers and 8-inch high capacity slurry pumps etc.

It is a water-cooling diesel hydraulic power pack, self-propel, so it can be easily transported and moved in the yard.


  • Demolitio-Brick murus, murus concretus et pavimentum secans et exercitatio, petra demolitio, exercitatio etc.

  • Municipal Water –underground pipe repair, dewatering, and light demolition.

  • Via Works- bitumen et concretum sectionem, sternunt viam superficiem

  • Libera et Defense- Terrae motus munda, diluvium munda, etc.

Data specification


37HP Yanmar Diesel Engine


400 kg

Magnitudine (L * w * h)

1430×800×1200 mm

Capacitas output

2*45 dual flow /1*90 Joint flow (2*12gpm / 1* 24 gpm)


250 bars/ 3625 psi

Hydraulic CONCEPTUS Capacity

60 Liters / 16 galon

Fuel Tank Quantitate

60 Liters / 16 gallon

Sana virtus gradu

120 dB


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